Cradoc Software

Cradoc fotoSoftware creates simple solutions for your photo keywording, stock and assignment photo pricing and business management needs. FotoQuote, fotoBiz and the fotoKeyword Harvester, are powerful tools for anyone working with images.

About the products


fotoBiz is the most powerful, affordable and easy to use photo business management software available. It is designed expressly for the freelance photographer. It is a carefully designed tool to help the independent one or two-person freelance photo business deal with the day-to-day business responsibilities that often get overlooked.
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fotoQuote the industry standard photo pricing guide for stock and assignment photography gives you the photo pricing information and negotiation help you need to get paid fairly for the work that you do. The latest version contains over 300 pricing categories, and adds video, Quote Packs, thumbnails and more.
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fotoKeyword Harvester

The fotoKeyword Harvester speeds up the process of keywording photos and improves the quality of your image keywords. You don't need to repeat unnecessary tasks over and over again. When you use the fotoKeyword Harvester to keyword images, you'll get help learning the language of keywording.
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Why we love them

Cradoc fotoSoftware has been helping photographers get paid fairly for over two decades. Their pricing and business management tools are the industry-standards for helping freelance photographers succeed. We trust their research so much that we built the fotoQuote rights-managed pricing calculator directly into the shopping cart on PhotoShelter websites.

What's the deal?

PhotoShelter members get a 15% discount on fotoQuote, fotoKeyword Harvester or fotoBiz and 10% off on bundles.

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