ShootDotEdit is the first choice post-processing partner for the professional wedding photographer, and everything they shoot: weddings, engagement sessions, families, etc. They provide turnaround in as fast as 48 hours. Fast is best, and no one is faster.

What makes ShootDotEdit unique?


DotPreview is a sample editing of 10 images from throughout the job, edited according to your chosen Color Profile in one business day. It's their way of guaranteeing you'll like your color corrections.

Color Wizard:

ShootDotEdit uses a proprietary Color Wizard that allows photographers to clearly communicate their style preferences.

Services they offer

  • Custom Color Correction

    They adjust and correct for continuity of White Balance, Color Temperature, Brightness & Exposure levels, Hue, Saturation, Black Points, and Contrast.

  • Culling

    They cull out the bad and keep the good, all the while ensuring that the story is preserved.

  • Artistic Editing

    Advanced Editing in Photoshop, including image enhancement and blemish removal!

  • Categorization

    They'll categorize your event into our 15 categories, or your own Custom categories.

  • Uploading

    They'll deliver straight into your PhotoShelter client gallery!

  • Deal

    1 FREE month with sign up for UNLIMITED or Rollover Plan. Check them out here!

Why we love them

From RAW post-processing to album design, ShootDotEdit can deliver beautiful edits and layouts that match your style perfectly. Their image adjustments are stunning and their Lightroom workflow is the height of convenience, but what we really love about ShootDotEdit is their shockingly fast turnaround time - as little as 48 hours! They can even upload the finished edits directly into your PhotoShelter account for proofing or delivery to the client.

What's the deal?

1 FREE month with sign up for UNLIMITED or Rollover Plan. Check them out here!

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