Union Actions

Union Actions makes time-saving actions and textures for Photoshop. Their actions are designed to create amazing effects with a click of a button. However, to make their actions as flexible as possible, they have built in granular control over every facet of the workflow allowing for endless possibilities.

About their products


Rarely does an action suite offer such simple and straightforward, yet powerful tools for professional portrait editing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to streamline your work or just a weekend shooter aiming to improve – the UA Portrait Suite can enhance your images and bring them to that next level: from average studio shots to sophisticated, commercial-quality photographs. Union Actions prides itself on offering realistic portrait editing with the click of a button – literally.
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Photo Designer

Photo enhancements have never been easier. With the click of a button, you can instantly transform your image to one that is unique and powerful. Union Actions has developed a specialized collection of actions that replicates common (and not-so-common) filters and dark room techniques. Their Photo Designer Suite gives you the power to change the entire mood, color, and focus of your image to exactly how you want it to be. From vignettes to lomo, cross processing to light leaks, Photo Designer is the ultimate collection of simple, yet powerful actions.
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Adding texture to a photo can compliment your mood and tones, bringing a whole new dimension to an otherwise average-looking image. UA Texturize gives you 32 custom textures that you can apply to your images. This provides a plethora of avenues you can now pursue – from weathered to vintage and everything in between, UA Texturize is your number one choice for original and masterful photo textures.
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Why we love them

When it comes to Photoshop actions, many products look good on the surface, but prove to be heavy handed and impossible to control. By contrast, we found Union Actions to be very powerful while maintaining granular control over both the strength and character of all of their effects. We especially like their Portrait pack for efficient retouching, and their Texturize pack for adding natural looking texture effects to almost any image.

What's the deal?

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