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Petr Hlavacek

Few get to see what Petr Hlavacek gets to see on a typical work day. A self-taught photographer specializing in glacier and icy imagery throughout New Zealand's Southern Alps, Petr has been photographing these "icy beasts" since his first visit to the Franz Josef Glacier in 2001. Originally from the Czech Republic where you won't find glaciers anywhere, Petr fell in love with the region instantly.

PhotoShelter Photographer Petr Hlavacek

Hungry to learn as much as he could about the subject, he began working directly with some of New Zealand's top glaciologists, tagging along on their expeditions deep into caves and to the top of ice-capped mountains. He even became a glacier guide so he could learn about the areas that were harder for the public to access. Petr's captivation with New Zealand's glaciers and diverse range of landscapes ultimately inspired him to start his photography business, NZICESCAPES IMAGES, a specialized image stock resource helping to reveal a part of the world that only a few get to check out up-close and in-person.

Petr certainly appreciates all that New Zealand has to offer, even beyond its stunning glaciers. "I am extremely proud and humbled to be able to be part of this very special place, but I don't neglect other parts of New Zealand either. Slowly but surely, I'm incorporating other regions into our ever growing image library."

PhotoShelter Photographer Petr Hlavacek

With a growing collection of images, Petr was searching for a service to help him showcase and market his work and let clients efficiently purchase his photos.  Petr learned about PhotoShelter from Digital Photo Pro Magazine in 2009 and admittedly got very excited. "I gave it a trail run and was hooked instantly. PhotoShelter gave me exactly what I was looking for, plus much much more." With his strong business focus, Petr considers PhotoShelter ideal for sales and compares it to a real store where clients can come in, browse around, and buy exactly what they need.

"Frankly, I can't imagine how I would even exist without PhotoShelter. The enormous practicality, usability and what I'd call simple common sense of PhotoShelter's tools are invaluable to me."

And when it comes to the bottom line, PhotoShelter really does help Petr get the job done, with his revenue largely coming from stock image licensing and product sales. "These images are great for bookmarks, posters, booklets, calendars, and also my new products, Fine Posters and Fine Prints, which are custom made in house on high-quality paper." Petr's PhotoShelter stock photo galleries are seamlessly integrated directly with his primary website, giving him full e-commerce capabilities.

PhotoShelter Photographer Petr Hlavacek

To complement his online efforts, Petr also believes in the power of offline marketing to help him build strong relationships with potential clients. Recognizing that his business will not sell itself, Petr does not pass up a chance to spread the word about his work. He attends regional tourism and networking events to chat about his photos and meet other professionals in the industry.  And when snail mail seems to be almost a thing of past, he loves to surprise his clients with printed hard copies of promotional materials and small gifts ranging from desktop calendars to printed cards and posters. 

PhotoShelter Photographer Petr Hlavacek

Petr's clients come from all over the world and are diverse in their professions; from publishers and magazine editors to designers, product makers, environmental and educational organizations, travel agents, marketing organizations, and many more -- including (of course) admiring individuals.

Today, Petr sees his work in New Zealand as a great opportunity to educate others about the climate changes occurring today. "Especially now, we're learning about how our climate is changing and destroying our beautiful landscapes. Knowing this, I'm determined to educate and challenge the public to help conserve our planet now more than ever."

PhotoShelter Photographer Petr Hlavacek