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American Children and Families Mary Kate Denny(18 images)

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Active Toddler to Nursery School to Parent and Grandparent Interaction_Model Released
  • Blonde six year old male wearing pirate hat stares into water and holds fishing pole and sits on edge of lake with shooting fountain.
    ACF0012Six ...jpg
  • Elementary age male child sits in park opening his gift of a CD
    ACF0015Six ...jpg
  • Father and three year old blonde son play in ocean near pilings of Santa Monica pier
  • Caucasian elementary age boy in soccer uniform runs through human tunnel.after soccer game in Los Angeles park
    ACF0013Boy ...jpg
  • White Male child elementary age with soccer cap stands in front of goal waiting for soccer players in game at Los Angeles park.
    ACF0011Six ...jpg
  • One and a half year old brunette toddler girl sits on floor indoors and looks outdoors
  • Female baby one year old crawls to stairway on indoor floor
  • Small brunette  1+ girl holds bannister on stairway to begin climbing and crawling up stairs in house
  • Mother and father laugh holding onto their blonde pre-school son as he lunges forward on grassy slope outdoors in front of house.
  • Toddler boy 3+points with his finger to Easter eggs in his basket as he sits on.his slide in the grassy yard counting each egg.
  • Father with cap on head holds toddler son's hand as child walks on ledge of wall as Mom looks concerned
  • Bald headed Dad reads to blonde two year old boy book "Wheels on the Bus" sitting in rocking chair at home.
  • Dark haired Mom sits in chair reading book to blonde pre-schooler son in pajamas in evening
    ACF0017Mom ...jpg
  • One and a half year old brunette toddler female sits on counter in house holding small cups
  • Grandmother puts shirt on blonde smiling baby boy on bed in house
  • Thirty + year old mother holds Caucasian two month old female baby outdoors
  • blonde male child jumps and runs down sand dune on beach
  • Three year old white boy plays in sand with Dad digging with shovel and Mom.pushing her toes in sand in Venice Beach, California