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Math Concepts Mary Kate Denny(8 images)

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  • Yellow spiney Cacti in semi circular row on river rocks
  • Red,yellow,green,orange colors and varieties of tomatoes grouped together
  • Red round Chinese lanterns hang in multiples for Chinese New Year
  • Guinea pigs in black, white, tan and brown colors used as pets and food run freely on floor in Peruvian house
  • Three llamas of different sizes and colors of tan and brown stand at different levels on ground and large stones at high altitude enclosed in Machu Picchu in Peru.
    M0001Three ...jpg
  • Early morning at Machu Picchu with dark brown sharp footed llama descending stone steps on temple grounds in Peru
    M0004Brown ...jpg
  • California seals and birds lay in sun on wetland sanctuary in Northern California
  • Several Red,green and yellow colored fruits of Asian origin group together on.stand in market close up