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Adult Education Mary Kate Denny(17 images)

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  • One 25+female sits on stone steps in mission garden sketching plants for.landscape class
  • Two young female students discuss landscape drawings at drawing tables in adult education class in evening
    AED0010Two ...jpg
  • Female Asian adult draws in details on landscape architectural layout designs in classroom on large paper
  • Two middle aged men, one young man and two young women of various ages look at models for landscape design and discuss project in university classroom
  • Two older men and one younger man and two young women at desks in college classroom talk about the scaled model for architectural landscape class
  • Young woman 25+ draws an irrigation design in drafting class at her desk
  • San Gabriel Mission, California, field trip for students to understand what makes architecture in landscape sacred with young men and women sketching and listening to instructor in patio of mission
  • Young man draws setting with crown of thorns bush around the station of the cross at the San Gabriel Mission field trip to inform for design class what makes it sacred.
    AED0005Man ...jpg
  • Young woman student draws Spanish style gate at San Gabriel Mission, California on field trip to inform architectural landscape design of what makes it sacred
  • 20+ Male draws tree in landscape architecture class field trip to illustrate what makes a site sacred.
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  • AED0004Red ...jpg
  • Five adult men and women work on design for landscape architecture with models in classroom in adult education
  • One young man 30+ and one young woman 40+ talk and laugh about drawing project in landscape architectural design class
  • White older man pupil works on scaled drawing for architectural landscaping class in evening schedule
  • Senior male  student discusses drawing for landscape architectural class in night school in adult college education in California
  • White and minority men and women students listen together to male teacher explain irrigation .system in adult landscape architecture class in evening school.