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International Child and Family Mary Kate Denny(24 images)

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Global children in school,learning cultural handicrafts,at play with families and taking responsibility.
  • Boys and girls in uniforms in elementary class raise their hands in classroom in Peruvian school.
  • Young girl, nine years old, smiles in front of school in Peru
  • Boys,girls and adults fly kites in clear blue skies at Sacsayhuaman Park near Cuzco,Peru
  • One young boy runs toward camera holding kite string with kite flying in the sky as teen girl flies her kite next to him in Saqsayhuaman National Park in Peru
    INT0021Boy ...jpg
  • Four female students look in broken framed window of classroom in small town of Peru
  • Two Peruvian elementary age males sit at desk and share book to read in school room in small town in Peru.
  • School children in uniforms observe historical exhibit at museum with teacher in Lima, Peru with backs to camera
  • Peruvian elementary age girl in jacket waits with school boys and girls in uniforms at bus stop in Peru in mountains
  • Cambodian boys and girls in uniforms leave school through gate on bikes and walk on dirt road in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Teen boy stops to think as children leave primary Cambodian school with banner in French and Cambodian through gate on bicycles and motorcycles in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Cambodian woman drives away from Siem Reap school carrying school boy on motorbike
  • Small Cambodian girls hold hands and walk away from school in uniformsand flip flops
  • Cambodian woman laughs riding bicycle with female toddler in front basket sling on sunny empty road
  • Cambodian boys study English words and work cutting out leather art
  • Cambodian young male_14 years old_uses hammer and nail to carve shadow puppet art from leather in Siem Reap_Cambodia
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia_Cambodian young boy hammers nail into leather to carve shadow puppet_ an ancient tradition
    INT0010Camb.. jpg
  • Cambodian male of 12+ uses wooden hammer to hit nail designing triple elephants out of leather and sits on tile floor in bamboo hut with another Boy squatting on floor
  • Young Cambodian male student creates ancient elephant design out of leather with hammer and nail in shop to learn traditional ancient handicraft
  • Peruvian young girl in hand embroidered costume dress and hat holds puppy close to her.
  • Boy Scouts of Vietnam sit on floor of temple in circle with leaders talking
  • Vietnamese female child in dressed in traditional costume for ceremony at Buddhist temple twirls musical instrument in her hand
  • Male Peruvian assists his female five year old child with the string on her kite
  • Little girl holds her hat standing beside dad sitting on steps in main plaza with pidgeons in Lima, Peru
  • Three young children wearing hats sit on dock in Venice, Italy feeding pidgeons in summer by water