Fractures Photo Collective
C/Valencia 601 int local3
Barcelona 08026
0034 633 03 72 40

Fractures Photo is a documentary photography collective founded in the spring of 2011. The collective is made up of four photographers and one graphic designer. Guillaume Darribau, William Sands, and Nora Meesen are all based in Barcelona, Spain. Anderson Barbosa lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Oscar B. Castillo lives between Caracas, Venezuela and Mulhouse, France. The collective was born from a shared passion for documentary photography and more importantly a shared history of participation in alternative social movements. Fractures Photo is organized in a collective structure where financial and strategic decisions are made through a consensus seeking process. Fractures celebrates its members’ individual talents and perspectives while finding strength and legitimacy in the collective’s international nature and collective process.
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