Auckland, New Zealand

FrogPrints produces professional Silver Halide Photo Prints ordered online.
We specialise in fulfilment directly to your customer on your logo'd letterhead so that the order looks like its coming from you!

We use professional non branded packaging to ship direct back to your customer to ensure a consistent quality.

Our state of the art on line order facility allows you or your customers to order just what they want and for FrogPrints to print and courier the photos to a specified destination, beit back to you order direct to the customer.

All orders are handled with the utmost care and packaged in a way that minimises damage during shipping.

Our services span the following main categories:

* Professional Photos - Silver Halide Professional Photo print up to 12x18 inches
* Wide format - inkjet Poster and Photo printing to A1 size
* Gift and Art Products - Professional Sublimation printing onto a range of gift and corporate products
* Laminating service from 30Mu to 250Mu thickness, with sizes ranging from 6x4 to A1
* Canvas - Professional high quality canvas with bespoke sizes up to A2 size

* Silver Halide *
We provide professional Photo Printing services to thousands Kiwi and Aussies.

We use only the latest Kodak 'Brilliance' Professional paper. We were chosen to represent this new Pro grade paper in New Zealand and are delighted with the results.
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For Wide Format Services we print using the amazing Espon wide body printers using only UltraChrome™ K3 Ink system.
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Epson UltraChrome Ink has established itself as the standard among professionals and high-end users who desire high quality and durability.
Its new pigment and resin improves glossiness and D-max readings on glossy media and exhibit reduced metamerism (i.e. colour inconsistency under different light sources).
Additionally, three levels of black ink dramatically improve grey balance, (which is the axis of colour imaging), and produce superior black and white and colour prints.
Skin tones come alive as never before and shadows reveal subtleties that were previously lost on other printers.

Over the years, the majority of silver halide photographs have been in colour. Despite this, many professional photographers choose black and white photography due to the simple and direct expression of the medium, in addition to the power that black and white photographs possess. Until now, it has been technically very difficult for black and white photographers to use digital photography because of colour twists and short tonal gradation inherent in digital printers. Epson's new UltraChrome™ K3 ink substantially reduces these problems, allowing black and white photographers to fully express themselves using digital cameras and printers with quality rivaling that of silver-halide processes.

Colour Toning
The three black inks and low saturation inks (such as light cyan and light magenta) allow for subtle colour tonings. Professional photographers will appreciate this feature for producing various types of monochrome images.

Durability with Epson Media and Epson UltraChrome™ K3 Ink

The extensive design stages of all three key elements have focused on achieving perfect results from this unique combination. These results include:

Lightfastness ratings of up to 75 years* for colour and up to 200 years* for black-and-white prints
Excellent water resistance, Improved scratch resistance, the perfect media-to-application matching for black-and-white photography, colour photography, creative and fine-art photography.

We are delighted to be recognised as a professional Print Vendor to PhotoShelter.
The King Toad, FrogPrints.

FrogPrints is a member of the PhotoShelter Print Vendor Network