Z-axis Prints

Spokane, Washington

We offer one-off 3D lenticular printing using a laser to film process that results in a very high quality continuous tone image. Our process and lenses are best suited for 3D imagery but morphs and some animations are possible. We offer 2D to 3D conversion, stereo to lenticular conversion or printing from a sequence of images. We can process stereo pairs through our automatic conversion software at no charge. This software does a pretty good job on most images but not always. Hand retouching and conversion services are available on several levels and start at just $10 for a simple once over to help smooth out defects or up to $100 for complete custom depth mapping of both views. If you are capable of creating your own sequences then we are happy to work with image sequences and currently don't charge anything extra so long as all sequences are aligned and ready to print.

Z-axis Prints is a member of the PhotoShelter Print Vendor Network